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What is the 'Yellow Bus Story'?

Yellow Bus Story

School buses carry millions of children every day to institutes and safety of the bus occupants is a major concern for all. The 'Yellow Bus Story' follows the story of two such school going children and a few other characters, as they learn and share their experiences of travelling in a school bus, safe and sound.

Character profiles:

Palak Sethi
Palak from Yellow Bus Story

Age: 7-years-old

Sweet, smart, confident and inquisitive, Palak is someone who wants to learn as much as possible. She is one of the brightest students in her class and is always willing to help people out. The only child of her parents, her father being a textile merchant and her mother being a homemaker, Palak always travels by car as her parents think it is a safer mode of transportation.

She resides in a large apartment complex and has been studying at AITS for the last two years but often reaches the school late. She is best friends with Harry and has heard many stories about how much fun travelling in a school bus is.

Likes: Reading short stories, Swimming, Dancing, Singing

Harry D'Costa
Harry from Yellow Bus Story

Age: 9-years-old

Harry has a great imagination which helps him come up with explanations for any scenario. The only child of his parents, his father works in an MNC, while his mother has an embroidery business. Harry loves riding on the school bus as he enjoys spending time with his school friends.

Harry has been studying at AITS for the past three years and has always travelled by school bus. Harry also resides in the same apartment complex as Palak and the pair are always seen together. He has always told Palak how much fun it is to ride on the school bus and that she should accompany him.

Likes: Watching cartoons, Playing sports/video games, Fast food, Comic books

Peeli Bus (PB)
Peeli Bus from Yellow Bus Story

Peeli Bus is the school bus that comes to pick up and drop the children of AITS. 'PB' is the name coined by Harry for the bus because he sees it as a fun place where he meets many friends.

Unknown to all the children, PB has a life of her own. She cares about the children travelling in her and wants to communicate that school bus safety is important for everyone.

Comic Series

  • #64: What is your New Year's resolution
  • #63: A carefully lit Christmas
  • #62: Harry forgets his water bottle
  • #61: Extra eyes for PB
  • #60: Staying warm, staying smart
  • #59: Who has come to pick up Harry?
  • #58: Harry's turn on the seesaw
  • #57: The first aid box
  • #56: No fire crackers on PB
  • Strip-55
  • #54: Harry's love for junk food
  • #53: Harry's plan for Diwali
  • #52: Why is driver uncle worried?
  • #51: Who came first?
  • #50: Ring a ring a roses
  • #49: Harry knows the way
  • #48: Superman Ashok
  • #47: Where to stick the chewing gum
  • #46: Ashok pokes Raman
  • #45: Harry climbs up the slide
  • #44: Who's that man in the signal
  • #43: Street football
  • #42: PB takes it slow and steady
  • #41: Rahil goes for a run
  • #40: Always sticking together
  • #39: Not scared of a little rain
  • #38: Ashok's chocolate wrapper
  • #37: Pitter patter raindrops on the window pane
  • #36: Its rainy season
  • #35: Palak climbs the railings
  • #34: Edge of the pavement
  • #33: Traffic light stop
  • #32: Harry goes for a chat
  • #31: No talking during class
  • #30: On a swing
  • #29: Do you know the answer
  • #28: Assembly time is quiet time
  • #27: Reaching the top of the stairs first
  • #26: The sign on 'PB'
  • #25: Palak makes a promise
  • #24: Back to school
  • #23: Getting ready for the race
  • #22: A surprise for Harry!
  • #21: Palak is bus smart
  • #20: How much does Palak remember?
  • #19: Way to the play ground
  • #18: Helmets are in fashion
  • #17: Harry's promise
  • #16: Food for thought
  • #15: Palak is back from school
  • #14: A mother's heart
  • #13: A new discovery
  • #12: Meeting new friends
  • #11: Share and play
  • #10: A new day, a new beginning!
  • #9: On time, everytime!
  • #8: Patience pays
  • The bus attendants are trained in school bus safety & must be respected - Yellow Bus Story#7: Who's that?
  • Have fun but don't be very loud in a bus so that the bus attendants are not disturbed. - Yellow Bus Story#6: The singing bus
  • Always us the special rack to store your bags and sit comfortably - Yellow Bus Story#5: Bags, Laps & Racks
  • Always form a queue and climb aboard a school bus in orderly manner - Yellow Bus Story#4: Line-Time
  • Do not play at bus stop, but wait patiently for the bus arrives - Yellow Bus Story#3: Harry's advice
  • Always reach the bus stop 5 min before the school bus arrives - Yellow Bus Story#2: PB is here!
  • Meet Palak, Harry & Peeli Bus on Yellow Bus Story#1: Great news!
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