School Bus Safety Program

PlayTest safety quotient

Test your safety quotient and upgrade your knowledge
about this safety movement.

You are feeling warm in your seat and the window is open, what should you never do?

How early should you reach your stop before the school bus arrives?

Which of these features prevents children from slipping in a bus?

How should you behave on a school bus?

Your bus has just arrived, how should you board the bus?

You see a stranger waiting near you at a bus stop and he starts talking to you and offers you a ride home. What should you do?

You were talking with your friend after school and you missed the bus, what should you do?

Your bus has arrived at your stop, how should you exit the bus?

Why do school buses have a bright “STOP” sign on the exterior?

How should you take your seat on the school bus after you have climbed on it?

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