School Bus Safety Program

Travel Safety TipsSimple tips for safer school bus travel

Inculcate these tips in your children to ensure their safety during school bus rides. A little training today can lead to a better tomorrow.

At the Bus Stop

Never run towards the bus stop. Always walk it to the bus stop. Always reach the bus stop at least five minutes before the school bus arrives. Never speak to strangers at a bus stop. Always tell your parents if a stranger tries to talk to you. Never get into any vehicle with a stranger. Only get on the school bus which picks you up regularly. Never play or run at the bus stop. You must wait patiently for the school bus to arrive. Always wait for the bus to stop completely before boarding the bus. Always form a queue before getting on the bus. You would be helped by the bus attendants to climb aboard the school bus safely. Do not push other students when climbing aboard the school bus.

On the School Bus

Always use the guard rails to safely climb aboard the bus. Always sit facing forward in the bus. Never run inside the bus. Never throw things in a bus or outside the windows. Discard the material in a proper place when you get off the bus. Never put your hands, head or feet outside the window of the bus. Always keep the aisle of the bus clear. Do not keep your bags or bottles in the aisles. Talk quietly in the bus but never shout or scream to ensure no one is disturbed. Always listen to the instructions of the bus attendants. Do not fight or play inside the bus.

Exiting the School Bus

You should only get off the bus at your designated bus stop/drop point. Never jump off the foot rest of the bus. You should walk at least three large steps away from the bus after you get off. This is the safest place to be after you get off the bus. Ensure you are not on the road but on the pavement or a safe place after your get off the bus. Keep a watch for traffic on the road. If you leave or forget something in a bus, do not try to get it yourself. Ask the bus attendant for assistance. Walk straight home after you get off the bus. If you have to cross the road, wait for the bus attendant to guide you safely across.
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