School Bus Safety Program

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There are two sets of people, those who follow safety rules and those who don't.
Be 'Bus Smart' and show that you care about safety.

  • Be bus smart and never use mobile phones when on a bicycle
  • Be bus smart and don't drive on the opposite lane even if there is a traffic jam
  • Be bus smart and don't hang out of moving trains
  • Be bus smart and stay behind the barriers at rail road crossings
  • Be bus smart and don't ride your bike on the pavement
  • Be bus smart and don't walk on the edge of the footpath
  • Be bus smart and always follow lane driving
  • Be bus smart and always sit with your legs on either side of the bike
  • Be bus smart and do not take illegal U-turns
  • Be bus smart and always stop your car at or before the stop line when the signal turns red
  • Be bus smart and always wear your seatbelt
  • Be bus smart and maintain safe distance while driving behind a moving car
  • Be bus smart and always make way for ambulances.
  • Be bus smart and always make way for ambulances.
  • Bus Smart or Over Smart: Don't drink and drive
  • Performing motorcycle stunts can lead to serious injuries
  • Never honk unnecessarily when stuck in traffic
  • Bus Smart - Never sit on top of a bus
  • Bus Smart - Properly park the cars in parking space
  • Bus Smart - Wear helmet while riding bikes
  • Bus Smart - Wait in bus stop & not on the road
  • Bus Smart - Do not use mobile phone while driving
  • Bus Smart - Use side view mirror while driving
  • Bus Smart - Always use a Zebra Crossing
  • Bus Smart - Wear the seat belt inside vehicles
  • Bus Smart – Don't use mobile phone while walking on a road
  • Bus Smart - Overtake the vehicle from the right side
  • Bus Smart - Always follow the traffic lights
  • Bus Smart - Wait patiently for the school bus to arrive in Bus Stop
  • Bus Smart - Hold hands of adults while walking on footpaths
  • Bus Smart - Maintain speed limits
  • Bus Smart - Walk in single line when boarding the school bus
  • Bus Smart - Keep your head and arms inside the bus window
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