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Making School-Bus Time Fun and Safe

by Kejal Teckchandani on February 24, 2016


Bus-time for us was almost the most special hour of the day as school going kids and bus friends had a special place of their own. It was a love-hate relationship I guess!! Where you love them if you get the seat you want and hate them otherwise. Talking all about what happened through the day, making plans for picnics, sharing your snack-boxes, discussing the happenings in different parts of the school, singing popular numbers and just everything had you so rejuvenated by the time you reached home.

Now as parents, wouldn't you want to relive those moments through your kids? It's our responsibility as parents that they do enjoy all these pleasures and we do our best to ensure our child's safety alongwith educating our kids as well, on how to make bus travel to and from school fun and safe. Tata Motors has introduced a school bus safety program #HamareBusKiBaatHai to promote school bus safety for kids. The idea is to involve all the parties right from the school authorities, the fleet owners and their staff along with the parents and children to collectively ensure that bus travel for the kids is safe and comfortable.

As parents it is our job to educate our children on the do's and don't's for safe bus travel. Several accidents occur because we are constantly in a rush to reach the bust stop on time. Ensuring that you are 5 minutes ahead of schedule will minimize these instances. Behavior in the bus is also extremely important since when kids are moving around, they are prone to several accidents. (Haven't we all seen this?) Their disposition towards the bus staff is also important as when you show respect, you will get that extra concern in return. Urge your kids to take this quiz which will help them learn about bus safety.

Certain things that we consider extremely mundane need to be explicitly explained to our kids. This can include simple things like standing in a queue, not pushing other kids, not talking to strangers at bus stops , waiting for the bus to stop at the bus stop before standing up, not screaming and several other small things like that.

As parents, it's our responsibility to safeguard our children against any indecorous happenings so as to ensure that they thoroughly enjoy every moment of their present and make lovely memories for their future. Lets take this Pledge for Our Child's Safe Travel. Click Here After all yeh #HamareBuskiBaatHai!!

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