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Hamare Bus ki Baat Hai - Taking a Pledge for Safe School Bus Travel

by Shalini Srivastava on February 24, 2016


As parents, what is most precious to us? The obvious answer from all of us, our children. I am committed to give my child the best of education. With this, there is undoubtedly a great responsibility on schools and us in transporting children to and fro. Teachers, parents, school bus drivers or partners in the school bus industry; all hold a very important role in imparting safety for our children while transporting to and from the school.

Tata Motors, through their campaign 'Hamare Bus Ki Baat Hai' which is an interactive program brings together all those who are involved in the travel of school children. This program creates awareness about school bus safety for kids. As a parent, I am quite impressed with the entire concept and you can also read more about it here.

The motto of this unique campaign by Tata Motors is to help drivers and school bus staffs through the workshops and sessions on school bus safety training to do their job better. The website has all the necessary information on how parents can make children aware of safe travel.

As a child, I remember going to school in an auto-rickshaw. It obviously used to be crowded. I also remember every word my mother used to recite every morning. "Don't stand near the opening. Don't push anyone. Don't play or quarrel while the vehicle is moving. Hold tight and stay still when inside the vehicle. Wait until completely stopped to come out. No hurry. No Push." And my monotonous answer; Yes & Ok. I am not sure how much I grasped about those things then. But I remember having bumped my teeth into a boy's head when the driver applied breaks suddenly. It hurt a lot.

And now, with passing time, it is my turn to let my child know about the travel safety. I obviously prefer school bus over the crowded auto for my child. If every child is well informed about the etiquettes and behaviour to be followed while in the school bus, it will surely help the school bus attendants and drivers manage everything in a better way during travelling. As a routine, I keep informing my daughter basic things about behaving in the school bus few minutes before starting off from the house.

It is simple common sense and basic etiquettes that she needs to know.

•  Climb up/down the bus steps when the bus has completely stopped, which of course I ensure as I am there to see off and pick up my child at the bus stop point.

•  Walk straight to the nearest seat and sit facing front. Don't sit sideways or facing back to see your friends all the time.

•  Strictly don't shout. Too much noise might distract the driver.

•  If anything, raise hands and talk to the attendant or driver.

•  Don't stand unnecessary in the aisles. Keep the aisles clear always.

•  No playing, school bus is not a place to play with your friends.

•  And importantly listen and follow instructions of bus attendants and drivers. This will help them carry out their duties well and make the school bus travel a safe and happy one.

Being a responsible parent, I pro actively take the pledge for my child's safe travel. I also took the quiz which not only tested self safety quotient, but also upgraded my knowledge about school bus safety for kids. Personally, I felt that this quiz was a quality activity and involved my child as well. It was a time well spent, and both of us now know more safety tips that she would surely share with her classmates. My daughter loves puzzles and the one at HBKBH (here) was so much fun & informative , and I as a parent explained the meaning & importance of each picture to her while we put the pieces together.

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