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Hamare Bus ki Baat Hai- An Initiative by Tata Motors!

by Lisha B. on February 26, 2016


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It is very important for children and guardians to understand the importance of school bus travel safety. Tata Motors understood this fundamental need for school students and started an amazing program to ensure safe and comfortable travel of children from the school and back. It was given a simple, relatable name "Hamare Bus Ki Baat Hai" so that people can connect to it immediately. Through different modes- films, role plays, songs, interactive sessions, participants are taught about how they can create a safe defense. Thanks to this initiative, bus staff is trained to ensure the safety of every child in every bus- safety from accidents, from bullying, from anything that threatens the innocence of childhood. From drivers, to the conductors and additional support staff, every single person plays a pivotal role in their safety hence its extremely important to educate them to improve their efficency.

Tata Motors Humare Bus Ki Baat Hai Initiative


The program intends to promote safe travel of school children with active participation of all concerned- school authorities, support staffs, school bus fleet operators and parents. The session helps the staff in improving their daily tasks and also understanding the physchology behind the behaviour of the children. Futher, it aims at educating the staff and drivers on safety and how it is to be practiced to prevent mishaps and accidents.

Details About Tata Motors HBKBH


Hamare Bus ki Baat Hai is a novel initiative introduced by Tata Motors in 2013 and you can know more about this program on their website. The intiative rests on 5 pillars. The five pillars of this program urge guardians, teachers and bus staff to take care of children's school bus safety through communication skills, attitude for accident, difficulties faced by the bus staff, etiquettes and manners and responsibility.

Tata Motors HBKBH Delhi


Hamare Bus Ki Baat Hai also includes information on how parents could teach children about safety. The objective is to spread awareness about the initiative, and eventually direct people into further engagement. Be a part of this great programme by taking a pledge for safe travel of children here. I suggest you all to visit this website and spread the word so that more and more people can take advantage of such a great initiative for our children.

PS: Don't forget to test you safety quotient and upgrade your knowledge by taking this quiz.

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