School Bus Safety Program

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Introduced by Tata Motors, Hamare Bus Ki Baat Hai is a unique programme that reaches out to the support staff of school buses across India, helping them improve their efficiency. It seeks to involve school authorities and fleet owners along with their staff in creating awareness about safety of school bus travel. Poised to cover the whole of India, the programme furthers the cause of travel safety of school children.

As India's largest automobile company and manufacturers of the widest range of purpose-built school buses, we at Tata Motors have taken the lead to promote safe travel of school children with active participation of all concerned. We believe in building awareness not only in school going children, but most importantly among school authorities, parents, school bus fleet operators and school bus manufacturing companies.

Aiming to enhance safe travel

The Hamare Bus Ki Baat Hai programme aims to ensure safe and comfortable travel of children by bus. It shows staff such as drivers, conductors, and attendants operating school buses the way to improving themselves in their daily tasks, and helps them understand the psychology and behaviour of school children better.

The school staff is also encouraged to upgrade their knowledge and made aware of best practices. Started in 2013, this is an ongoing programme that symbolises Tata Motors' commitment to the highest standards of children's safety. The Hamare Bus Ki Baat Hai programme rests on 5 pillars that give it a solid foundation. These are revealed to the fleet bus staff over 5 sessions.

The 5 Pillars of the programme

  • Communication Skills
    Communication Skills Understanding children's needs and talking to them with a win-win approach
  • Responsibility
    Responsibility Awareness of duties and responsibilities, and motivation to ensure compliance
  • Etiquette and Manners
    Etiquette and Manners Behaviour with children and parents, besides grooming and personal hygiene
  • Attitude for accident
    Attitude for accident Avoiding accidents, evacuation in emergency, standard operating procedure in accident
  • Difficulties faced by the bus staff
    Difficulties faced by the bus staff The constraints and stress of handling children, traffic and more

Get Involved

It's the responsibility of every parent to help children understand the importance of safe and happy travel to school and back. You can do this by making your child aware of certain Do's and Don'ts that help him/her learn about proper behavior in the school bus. Some of them are listed here for your quick reference.

School Bus Safety Rules for Kids

  • Walk in single file on way to boarding the school bus
  • Stay put in your seat. If you get out of your seat in a moving bus, you could fall and be seriously hurt
  • The emergency exit door must be opened only in an emergency
  • If any student is hurt, inform the bus attendant immediately
  • Always get down from the bus AFTER it stops completely
  • Set a good example by obeying the bus attendant's safety instructions, younger children may copy what you do
  • Don't make noise in the school bus
  • Don't bully or fight with other children in the bus
  • Don't put your feet up on the seat or stamp on it
  • Don't disrespect the school bus driver and the attendant
  • Don't be in a hurry to get off the school bus till the time it completely stops
  • Don't throw things in the bus. They could hit another student or the bus driver and hurt them
  • Don't litter the bus

Journey so far

Number of sessions conducted - 1,034 Number of cities done - 178 Number of Bus staff trained - 52,749 Number of schools done - 1,187
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