The Hamare Bus ki Baat Hai programme is aimed to ensure safe and comfortable travel of children by bus, to school and back.

total Pledges Safe Travel Pledge

The 'Hamare Bus Ki Baat Hai' Programme
in your school was spread over 5 important sessions

  • Communication Skills
    Communication Skills

    Understanding children's needs and talking
    to them with a win-win approach

  • Responsibility

    Awareness of duties and responsibilities,
    and motivation to ensure compliance

  • Etiquette and Manners
    Etiquette and Manners

    Behaviour with children and parents,
    besides grooming and personal hygiene

  • Attitude for accident
    Attitude for accident

    Avoiding accidents, evacuation in emergency,
    standard operating procedure in accident

  • Difficulties faced by the bus staff
    Difficulties faced by the bus staff

    The constraints and stress of handling children,
    traffic and more

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